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The 3 Basketball League 3-On-3 Rules are as follows:

▪ Games are played on a half-court.

▪ Standard two- and three-point shots apply; the three-point line is the same distance as College and High School games.

▪ There are also three “four-point zones” on a circle 25 feet away from the basket. One is on the midline of the court; the other two are 40 degrees away from the midline. To score four points, a player’s foot must be touching any part of a circle.

▪ Instead of a jump ball to start the game, the “home” team inbounds first. Each will have 7 “home” and 7 “away” games.

▪ The shot clock runs 14 seconds.

▪ Additional free throw is taken if a player is fouled while making a shot.

▪ A shooting foul awards one free throw, worth the same number of points as the fouled shot. Two-point shots are taken from the free throw line, three-point shots from the three-point line, four-point shots from the midline four-point circle. The free throw is awarded whether or not the fouled shot hits the basket.

▪ All fouls are ascribed to the team; players cannot foul out. After the fifth team foul in each half, opponents are guaranteed two one-point free throws and possession of the ball.

▪ A team’s first technical foul results in one two-point free throw and possession. Additional technical fouls, as well as all flagrant fouls, result in two two-point free throws and possession.

▪ Each team receives two timeouts—a 60-second and a 30-second—per half. Unused timeouts do not carry over.

▪ Substitutions can be made on a dead ball or by calling a timeout.

▪ After a score, a referee must touch the ball. After giving the defense 3 seconds to set, the opposing team must take the ball beyond the top out of bounds line. Player has 5 seconds to return ball inbounds.

▪ Defensive rebounds must be cleared if the ball touched the rim. If the ball did not touch the rim, defensive rebounds do not need to be cleared.

▪ Steals do not have to be cleared.

▪ The ball is cleared when the player with the ball establishes both feet behind the 3-point line. The ball can be cleared by dribbling or passing

▪ The defensive rebounder that makes a direct pass that clears the ball, must clear the lane and re-establish himself before his team’s shot or pass hits the rim.

▪ If a shot or pass hits the rim without being cleared it will result in a turnover.

▪ Once a team has cleared the ball and establishes itself on offense, the normal “3 seconds in the key” rule applies.

▪ There is no defensive “3-second” rule.

▪ To win, a team must score 50 or more points and lead by at least two points. Halftime happens after one team reaches 25 points.


  • Shake hands before and after every match.
  • Respect the referee, even when they’re wrong.
  • Respect opponents and teammates. Don’t insult them, do help them up.
  • Have integrity. Don’t whine, cheat or fake an injury.
  • Cheer positively. Don’t tolerate bad behavior from others.

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