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Introducing The 3 Basketball League


The League will consist of 8 teams holding 6 spots each. With the popularity of 3 on 3 basketball from the launch of The Big 3 League, we wanted to offer an opportunity as such to our community. Our goal is to find the best basketball players for the inaugural season of The 3 Basketball League.


The 3 Basketball League’s mission is to create opportunities for players seeking a recreational outlet in basketball. We are dedicated to demonstrating leadership in social responsibility, using the popularity and visibility of the teams, players and the league to effect positive change in our community. Striving to offer players a safe and competitive environment. Providing them a platform to showcase their skills and talent through basketball, focusing on team building and leadership.

The League will be filled with athletes young and old, male and female who are motivated by the opportunity to fulfill a dream of participating in a growing league after high school and/or college athletics. Looking to have at least 100 participants coming to tryout from Toledo and throughout the surrounding cities this year.

As an organization in the community one of our goals is to become a beacon where kids come out and enjoy themselves in a safe arena. We plan to offer activities and presentations to everyone in attendance focusing on the youth.

The league will hold 14 weeks of play, playing 4 games a week and a 4 team playoff before the league championship for our inaugural season.

We look forward to you coming out and supporting our efforts at The 3 Basketball League to offering an alternative recreational activity for young men in the inner city and suburban communities.

Jesse Coleman Jr.  (Commissioner)

The 3 Basketball League